wood burning stoves 2.0

Wood Burning Stoves 2.0 4-Movie Set

UPDATE! Interest has been so massive that we have created an additional 4-movie set and released it in September of 2016. We tried to not duplicate the content of the first 4-movie set, and we designed one of the movies for people that are looking for no more than one movie. Click here for "Better Wood Heat"

The 4-movie set "Wood Burning Stoves 2.0" is a video of a workshop in 2012 made with a handheld camera because people asked for the video.

Covering rocket mass heaters, rocket stoves, hot water and a collection of techniques to make wood burning stoves about ten times more efficient. Some commentary and animation have been added to clarify some of the workshop points, but overall, this is still just a video of a workshop made with a handheld camera.

Movie 1: Fire Science

Wood Burning Stoves Fire Science

This is where Ernie and Erica set stuff on fire in all sorts of wacky ways. This is the foundation for understanding how rocket stoves and rocket mass heaters work the way they do.

Movie 2: Sneaky Heat

Wood Burning Stoves Sneaky Heat

The wood burning stove built in this movie is the result of a collection of experiments that led to a rocket mass heater an order of magnitude better than any previous rocket mass heater. For the first time ever we have a shippable core. Somebody else could build this and ship it to somebody that is looking for something easier. Plus, this particular core makes for a fire that is about a thousand degrees hotter than any previous rocket mass heater. This makes for a stronger draw - which leads to more push later in the system. For this project we use the core in a portable design. Something that can be taken apart in under an hour, loaded onto a truck, moved and rebuilt in under an hour.

Movie 3: Boom Squish

Wood Burning Stoves Boom Squish

Named after a series of podcasts where we discuss the dangers and strategies of alternative hot water. Caleb Larson and Ernie work together to talk about how to do this right. Caleb is a professional alternative hot water installer and is very familiar with the explosive properties of steam, flash point and vapor lock.

Movie 4: Hot Rocket

Wood Burning Stoves Hot Rocket

We set out to prove that a few twigs can outperform a huge propane turkey cooker. Mission accomplished. This is with a J-tube style rocket stoves. Other rocket stoves feature an L-tube style the requires constant manual feeding. The J-tube style is self feeding. This movie will also have information on some tiny home made cookstoves, and several different pocket rocket designs.

wood burning stoves movie set wood heat video set

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